We are an innovative solutions company
and leaders in turning information into knowledge.

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Our mission is to provide highest quality business solutions at affordable prices with fast delivery and excellent customer service. 

GenusSoft aims to be the preferred supplier of exceptional, cost effective business software.

Through creating win-win solutions for all our customers, businesses and consumers alike, our service offering will continue to expand as we research, identify and develop new solutions for incorporation into our existing brands.  The same applies to all future brands currently in development.

About GenusSoft

GenusSoft is a South African Information Technology Company that specializes in developing bespoke Business Information Systems and advanced data visualizers and components.


Our dedication and long standing commitment to quality has reaped benefits for our clients. We provide business solutions and the means to configure exact business requirements while working with you to create the right strategy for your project. Utilizing the dBFocus Framework, we deliver exact business solutions on time, within budget and to your satisfaction.


You will benefit from using our most innovative methods in Business Intelligence Software Solutions. Utilizing a generic interface for all business related applications, your company data can be modeled with dynamic software that can adapt to the changing environment and needs of your business.


Since inception GenusSoft has carried on the vision of optimizing the return on investment by aligning Information Technology with Business Strategy.